Greystone is an affiliated company of Radiology Associates, Inc.. Radiology Associates is a unique private, doctor owned and led multi-office, multi-modality diagnostic imaging practice in Rhode Island.

With over 25 years of community relationships forged on quality service initiatives, and an organic growth and sub specialization in OB-GYN imaging, our Greystone Ultrasound Center was established in 1995.

Based upon the same quality service initiatives and through the use of teleradiology and technology our multi state Greystone practice has extended our experience in General Ultrasound, Vascular Ultrasound and OB-GYN imaging interpretations to over 80 physicians in New England.

Our Greystone Ultrasound Center optimizes patient management through quality diagnostic imaging and/or sonographer support, customized reporting and special expertise in the area of prenatal diagnosis. We place you, the referring physician, at the center of our system and strive diligently to ensure that the trust placed in us is honored in everything we do.

We efficiently deliver the most valuable medical information and guidance to our referring physicians for each ultrasound examination performed. All reporting is tailored to the unique needs and practice management desires of your office.

We understand the challenges you face in providing quality imaging services to your patients and we are here to support your needs, full-time, part-time or on an as needed basis to assist your practice success.

We are uniquely qualified and accomplished in our ability to provide you with the second set of eyes you need to minimize your liability and maximize your flexibility as you provide valuable ultrasound services to your patients.

We are seasoned in all aspects of medical billing and can cooperate and consult to maximize most provider revenues on behalf of your practice. We can support fee for service billing in either the technical, professional or global components of the ultrasound service.

Please refer to the Radiology Associates section of this website to learn more about our board certified Radiologists and our accredited organization. We can be reached TOLL FREE at 1-855-RIWOMAN for additional information or to obtain a consultation and quote for our services.

You can also call Lisa at 401 762-0020 for personal and direct assistance.Greystone

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